IAM Identity Center information in CloudTrail - Amazon IAM Identity Center
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IAM Identity Center information in CloudTrail

CloudTrail is enabled on your Amazon Web Services account when you create the account. When activity occurs in IAM Identity Center, that activity is recorded in a CloudTrail event along with other Amazon service events in Event history. You can view, search, and download recent events in your Amazon Web Services account. For more information, see Viewing events with CloudTrail event history.

For an ongoing record of events in your Amazon Web Services account, including events for IAM Identity Center, create a trail. A trail enables CloudTrail to deliver log files to an Amazon S3 bucket. By default, when you create a trail in the console, the trail applies to all Amazon Regions. The trail logs events from all Regions in the Amazon partition and delivers the log files to the Amazon S3 bucket that you specify. Additionally, you can configure other Amazon services to further analyze and act upon the event data collected in CloudTrail logs. For more information, see the following:

When CloudTrail logging is enabled in your Amazon Web Services account, API calls made to IAM Identity Center actions are tracked in log files. IAM Identity Center records are written together with other Amazon service records in a log file. CloudTrail determines when to create and write to a new file based on a time period and file size.

The following IAM Identity Center CloudTrail operations are supported:

Console API operations Public API operations
AssociateDirectory AttachManagedPolicyToPermissionSet
AssociateProfile CreateAccountAssignment
BatchDeleteSession CreateInstanceAccessControlAttributeConfiguration
BatchGetSession CreatePermissionSet
CreateApplicationInstance DeleteAccountAssignment
CreateApplicationInstanceCertificate DeleteInlinePolicyFromPermissionSet
CreatePermissionSet DeleteInstanceAccessControlAttributeConfiguration
CreateProfile DeletePermissionSet
DeleteApplicationInstance DescribeAccountAssignmentCreationStatus
DeleteApplicationInstanceCertificate DescribeAccountAssignmentDeletionStatus
DeletePermissionsPolicy DescribeInstanceAccessControlAttributeConfiguration
DeletePermissionSet DescribePermissionSet
DeleteProfile DescribePermissionSetProvisioningStatus
DescribePermissionsPolicies DetachManagedPolicyFromPermissionSet
DisassociateDirectory GetInlinePolicyForPermissionSet
DisassociateProfile ListAccountAssignmentCreationStatus
GetApplicationInstance ListAccountAssignmentDeletionStatus
GetApplicationTemplate ListAccountAssignments
GetMfaDeviceManagementForDirectory ListAccountsForProvisionedPermissionSet
GetPermissionSet ListInstances
GetSSOStatus ListManagedPoliciesInPermissionSet
ImportApplicationInstanceServiceProviderMetadata ListPermissionSetProvisioningStatus
ListApplicationInstances ListPermissionSets
ListApplicationInstanceCertificates ListPermissionSetsProvisionedToAccount
ListApplicationTemplates ListTagsForResource
ListDirectoryAssociations ProvisionPermissionSet
ListPermissionSets PutInlinePolicyToPermissionSet
ListProfileAssociations TagResource
ListProfiles UntagResource
ListSessions UpdateInstanceAccessControlAttributeConfiguration
PutMfaDeviceManagementForDirectory UpdatePermissionSet

For more information about IAM Identity Center’s public API operations, see the IAM Identity Center API Reference Guide.

The following IAM Identity Center Identity Store CloudTrail operations are supported:

  • AddMemberToGroup

  • CompleteVirtualMfaDeviceRegistration

  • CompleteWebAuthnDeviceRegistration

  • CreateAlias

  • CreateExternalIdPConfigurationForDirectory

  • CreateGroup

  • CreateUser

  • DeleteExternalIdPConfigurationForDirectory

  • DeleteGroup

  • DeleteMfaDeviceForUser

  • DeleteUser

  • DescribeDirectory

  • DescribeGroups

  • DescribeUsers

  • DisableExternalIdPConfigurationForDirectory

  • DisableUser

  • EnableExternalIdPConfigurationForDirectory

  • EnableUser

  • GetAWSSPConfigurationForDirectory

  • ListExternalIdPConfigurationsForDirectory

  • ListGroupsForUser

  • ListMembersInGroup

  • ListMfaDevicesForUser

  • PutMfaDeviceManagementForDirectory

  • RemoveMemberFromGroup

  • SearchGroups

  • SearchUsers

  • StartVirtualMfaDeviceRegistration

  • StartWebAuthnDeviceRegistration

  • UpdateExternalIdPConfigurationForDirectory

  • UpdateGroup

  • UpdateMfaDeviceForUser

  • UpdatePassword

  • UpdateUser

  • VerifyEmail

The following IAM Identity Center OIDC CloudTrail actions are supported:

  • CreateToken

  • RegisterClient

  • StartDeviceAuthorization

The following IAM Identity Center Portal CloudTrail actions are supported:

  • Authenticate

  • Federate

  • ListApplications

  • ListProfilesForApplication

  • ListAccounts

  • ListAccountRoles

  • GetRoleCredentials

  • Logout

Every event or log entry contains information about who generated the request. The identity information helps you determine the following:

  • Whether the request was made with root user or Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) user credentials.

  • Whether the request was made with temporary security credentials for a role or federated user.

  • Whether the request was made by another Amazon service.

For more information, see the CloudTrail userIdentity element.