Amazon X-Ray console - Amazon X-Ray
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Amazon X-Ray console

Use the Amazon X-Ray console to view a map of services and associated traces for requests that your applications serve, and to configure groups and sampling rules which affect how traces are sent to X-Ray.

The primary X-Ray console page is the service map, which is a visual representation of the JSON service graph that X-Ray generates from the trace data generated by your applications. The map consists of service nodes for each application in your account that serves requests, upstream client nodes that represent the origins of the requests, and downstream service nodes that represent web services and resources used by an application while processing a request. There are additional pages for viewing traces and trace details, and configuring groups and sampling rules.


You can now view and configure X-Ray tracing within the Amazon CloudWatch console. Open the CloudWatch console and choose Service map under X-Ray traces from the left navigation pane. You can also continue to use the X-Ray console.