Getting started with a Terraform product - Amazon Service Catalog
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Getting started with a Terraform product

Amazon Service Catalog enables quick, self-service provisioning with governance for your HashiCorp Terraform configurations within Amazon. You can use Amazon Service Catalog as a single tool to organize, govern, and distribute your Terraform configurations at scale within Amazon. Amazon Service Catalog supports Terraform across several key features, including cataloging of standardized and pre-approved Terraform templates, access control, versioning, tagging, and sharing to other Amazon accounts. In Amazon Service Catalog, your end users see a simple list of products and versions they have access to, and can then deploy those products in a single action.


To continue support of HashiCorp technologies, as a result of the recent licensing changes to Terraform, Amazon Service Catalog changed any previous references of Terraform Open Source to External. The External product type includes support for the Terraform Community Edition, previously known as Terraform Open Source. For more information and instructions about migrating your existing Terraform Open Source products and provisioned products to the External product type, review Updating existing Terraform Open Source products and provisioned products to the External product type.

The steps in the following tutorial will help you get started with a Terraform product in Amazon Service Catalog.

As the catalog administrator, you work in a central administrator account (hub account). Both Terrafrm Community Edition and Terraform Cloud products require a Terraform provisioning engine, which you can learn more about in Provisioning engine for Terraform Community Edition (External product type) and Provisioning engine for Terraform Cloud .

During the tutorial, you perform the following tasks in the administrator account:

  • Create a Terraform product using either the Terraform Cloud or External product type. Service Catalog uses the External product type to support Terraform Community Edition products.

  • Associate the product with a portfolio

  • Create a launch constraint to allow your end users to provision the product

  • Tag the product

  • Share the portfolio and the Terraform product with the end user account (spoke account)

In the tutorial, you share a portfolio using the organization sharing option from the admin hub account, which is also the management account of the Organization. For more information on organization sharing, see Sharing a Portfolio.

The Amazon resource contained in the Terraform product you create in the tutorial is a simple Amazon S3 bucket.


Before you begin, make sure that you complete the action items in Setting Up Amazon Service Catalog.