Viewing Metrics for Step Functions - Amazon Step Functions
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Viewing Metrics for Step Functions

  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and open the CloudWatch console.

  2. Choose Metrics, and on the All Metrics tab, choose States.

    If you ran any executions recently, you will see up to four types of metrics:

    • Execution Metrics

    • Activity Function Metrics

    • Lambda Function Metrics

    • Service Integration Metrics

  3. Choose a metric type to see a list of metrics.

    • To sort your metrics by Metric Name or StateMachineArn, use the column headings.

    • To view graphs for a metric, choose the box next to the metric on the list. You can change the graph parameters using the time range controls above the graph view.

      You can choose custom time ranges using relative or absolute values (specific days and times). You can also use the dropdown list to display values as lines, stacked areas, or numbers (values).

    • To view the details about a graph, hover over the metric color code that appears below the graph.

      The metric's details are displayed.

For more information about working with CloudWatch metrics, see Using Amazon CloudWatch Metrics in the Amazon CloudWatch User Guide.